Download Digital Voter Card 2022 from e Epic Card Website

Download Digital Voter Card 2022 from the Epic Card Portal On January 25, National Voters’ Day, the e-EPIC (digital Election Photo Identity Card) initiative or Voter Card will be publicly introduced. The e-voter card can be obtained until the end of the month of February.

The deadline for new voters to Download Digital Voter Card 2022 for their e-epic card or e-voter card has been extended till the end of February, according to the Central Election Commission. New voters who have just registered to vote as part of the voter list revision can get their voter registration forms at and

Download Digital Voter Card 2022

The individuals who have enlisted to cast a ballot before the 2021 citizens’ rundown will be revised and their PDA number will likewise be enlisted with the Political decision Commission will before long report when they need to download the e-citizen card. The Electronic Electing Photograph Personality Card program has been sent off on January 25 which will permit citizens to download a delicate duplicate of their elector cards from the site of the Political race Commission.

Other personality verifications like the Aadhaar card, Container card, driving permit are now accessible in the advanced configuration. This will be whenever that the public authority first will give citizen character cards in computerized designs Download Digital Voter Card 2022.

Electors can view and print the advanced citizen card on their enrolled versatile. The Political decision Commission of India (ECI) started the program for the comfort of citizens who need not visit administration focuses to gather their Legendary cards any longer Download Digital Voter Card 2022.

Issuance of e-voter cards: The Central Election Commission has decided to collect mobile phone numbers of all voters in the state through which e-voter cards will be issued. A special portal designed for this purpose will be available soon. OTP comes to the voter mobile. It is possible to print an e-voter card by registering on web portal and download Digital Voter Card 2022.

Digital Voter CardThe digitalization of voter-ID cards will have a special significance in the upcoming polls. The Election Commission of India will formally launch the e-EPIC (Electronic Electoral Photo Identity Card) program on January 25, National Voter’s Day.

Epic Card Website

  • e-EPIC is a non-editable secure versatile report design (PDF) variant of the EPIC and will have a gotten QR code with picture and socioeconomics like chronic number, part number, and so forth. E-EPIC can be downloaded on a versatile or a PC and can be carefully put away. This is notwithstanding actual IDs being given for new enlistment.
  • The e-EPIC drive would be sent off in two stages. In the principal stage from January 25 to 31, all new citizens who have applied for the citizen ID card and enlisted their portable numbers in Structure 6 will actually want to download Digital Voter Card 2022 the e-EPIC by basically validating their versatile number. The portable numbers ought to be novel and not be recently enrolled in the ECI’s constituent rolls.
  • The subsequent stage will begin from February 1. It will be open for the overall electors. Every one of the individuals who have given their portable numbers (connected one) they can likewise download their e-EPIC.
    The postponements, losing cards and not had the option to get the citizen ID cards is an issue that will not be there. Besides, the majority of the ID cards are continuing on the computerized stage.
  • New Electors: Just new citizens who have applied between January 25 and 31 for their elector cards and have enrolled their versatile numbers with the Political race Commission will actually want to download their computerized citizen IDs Download Digital Voter Card 2022.
  • All Electors: From February 1, all citizens will actually want to download their computerized duplicates, assuming their telephone numbers are connected with the Political decision Commission.
  • Electors who don’t have their telephone numbers connected with the Commission should reverify their subtleties with the EC and get their portable number connected to profit of the download include. Computerized elector character cards will be in PDF designs.
  • New electors will likewise get printed versions of their citizen ID cards. The digitisation is to guarantee there is no postpone in getting citizen ID cards before political race. Likewise, computerized cards will help if there should be an occurrence of a deficiency of card, relocation and so forth.
  • Advanced citizen ID cards can be put away on Digilocker. The computerized cards will convey a got QR code with pictures and socioeconomics so that these can’t be copied.
  • e-EPIC can be downloaded through the accompanying internet based joins, nonetheless, the citizen ID card would likewise be shipped off them: Elector Helpline Portable application (Android/iOS) The digitalisation of citizen ID card will have a unique importance in the forthcoming surveys in states.
  • First visit the Voter Slip portal by Log on to, or
  • If you do not have an account, then create an account through your mobile number or email ID.
  • If you already have an account, then log in and click on the option of download E-EPIC.
  • The download facility will be available from January 25.

Download Digital Voter Card 2022

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Agnipath Military scheme: Features, Advantages and Eligibility

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The Cabinet Committee on Security approved the Agnipath Scheme on 14th June 2022. In this article, we have highlighted all details of the scheme.

Agnipath scheme

Table of Contents

What is the Agnipath Military scheme?

About 45,000 to 50,000 soldiers will be recruited every year under the scheme. Most of the jawans will have four years of service. Only 25% of the total annual recruitments will be continued for another 15 years under permanent commission. The move will affect the armed forces of 13 lakh personnel in the country. In addition, this will also result in a significant reduction in the Defence Pension Bill. Spending on defence pensions has long been a matter of concern for the government

On 14th June 2022, the Cabinet Committee on Security approved the Agnipath scheme, which enables the Indian youth to serve in the Indian Armed Forces. Rajnath Singh, the Union Defence Minister said that through the ‘Agnipath’ scheme, all useful efforts will be made to create opportunities for youth to serve in Armed Forces. This scheme will help the youth to train and learn new technologies and improve their health levels. With increasing employment opportunities, the youth will learn new skills in various sectors. He also said that the ‘Agniveers’, who will be a part of the Armed Forces under the Agnipath scheme will be given a good pay package and an exit retirement package after 4 years of service.

Agnipath scheme: Features

The Cabinet Committee on Defence of the Union Government has launched the Agnipath Recruitment Scheme for recruitment in the Indian Army. The main objective of the scheme is to connect youth in all three services. The scheme will come into force immediately and the person joining the scheme will be called Agniveer. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh announced the Agneepath scheme in the presence of chiefs of the three services. Rajnath Singh said the scheme will revolutionise India’s armed forces. With this, the economy of the country will improve and the future of the youth will be brighter.

  1. Higher pay packages for the youth along with risk and hardship allowance. (Applicable in three-year service)
  2. ‘Seva Nidhi’ will be paid to the Agniveers on completion of four years of service. The Seva Nidhi comprises their contribution which includes accrued interest thereon and matching contribution from the government equal to the accumulated amount of their contribution including interest.
  3. The Agniveers will be provided life insurance (non-contributory) coverage of ₹48 lakh for the duration of their services in the Indian Armed Forces.
  4. The Agniveers will learn several skills and experience. They’ll learn qualities like discipline, physical fitness, leadership qualities, courage, and patriotism.
  5. The individual selected for the enrolment in the Armed Forces as a regular trade will be required to serve for a minimum of 15 years and will be governed by the existing terms and conditions of service of Junior Commissioned officer in the Indian Army the and same in Indian Navy and Indian Air force.

Agnipath scheme: Eligibility

Under the Agneepath scheme, both men and women will be given a chance to become Agneeveer. Youth from 17.5 years to 21 years of age may be eligible to join this service. At present, the army’s medical and physical standards will be valid. The youth who have passed 10th and 12th can become agniveer. The new system is only for employees below the officer rank. The recruitment under the Agneepath scheme will be done through rallies twice a year.

  1. Under this scheme, both men and women can apply and the candidates must be between the ages of 17.5 and 21 to serve in the Indian Armed Forces.
  2. Candidates for all three services under the Indian Armed Forces will be enrolled through a centralized online system, which includes specific rallies and campus interviews. These interviews will be conducted in recognized technical colleges.
  3. The enrolment will be based on an ‘All India All Class’ basis.
  4. The Agniveers have to meet the medical requirements to get shortlisted in any of the Indian Armed Forces.
  5. The education qualification required for enrolment in many categories under the scheme is vogue. The education qualification required to be a General Duty (GD) soldier is class 10.
  6. Girls can also apply for the Agnipath scheme under the given age limit. There is no specific reservation for women.

Agnipath scheme: Advantages

After being selected under this scheme, the candidate will have to undergo 6 months of training and then be deployed for three and a half years. During this period, they will get an initial salary of Rs 30,000 along with additional benefits. This benefit will reach Rs 40,000 by the end of four years of service.

It may be mentioned here that during this period, 30% of their salary will be set aside under the Seva Nidhi programme and the Government will also give the same amount every month. There will also be interest in it. At the end of the four-year period, each soldier will receive Rs 11.71 lakh as a lump sum amount and will be tax-free. Along with this, they will also get a life insurance cover of Rs 48 lakh for four years. In case of death, a payment of Rs. 1 crore will be made. This includes non-service pay.

  1. A new and transformative reform of the recruitment policy of the Indian Armed Forces.
  2. Unique opportunity for the youth of India to serve in the Indian Armed Forces and serve the country and help in nation-building.
  3. New, youthful and dynamic image of Armed Forces in India.
  4. Agniveers will be given good pay packages.
  5. Opportunity to get training in the best institutions and development of their skills and experience.
  6. Availability of skilled youth with military ethos in society.
  7. Employment opportunity development for those who are returning to society and for those who are going to emerge as a role model for the upcoming youth.

The candidate will serve as agniveer in the Army for 4 years. Agniveer will quit his army job after four years of service. After this, he will be able to live as a skilled citizen in society. Based on merit and as per the requirement of the Army, 25% agniveers will be accommodated in the regular cadre. It is being said that they will also be given priority in other jobs which will be re-selected, for those who will be re-selected, the initial period of four years for them will not be considered for retirement benefits

Under this scheme, recruitment will start within 90 days. The recruitment will be done as per all-India, all categories in the service. This is particularly important for the Army. The regiment system of the Army has regiments by region and caste. The old system will be abolished over a period of time so that anyone from any caste, region, class or religious background can become a part of the existing regiment in the near future.

Lt Gen Anil Puri, Additional Secretary, Department of Military Affairs, said the average age in the armed forces today is 32 years, the average age under the scheme will come down to 26 in six to seven years and it will raise “future-ready” troops.

Announcing the scheme, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said efforts were being made to make the profile of the armed forces as young as the large Indian population. This will increase employment opportunities and provide employment to such soldiers in various sectors due to the skills and experience gained during the four years of service.

He further said that this will provide a highly skilled workforce in the economy. Which will help in productivity gain and overall GDP growth. Lt Gen Puri said the government will help in the rehabilitation of soldiers who leave the services after four years. They will be provided with skill certificates and bridge courses.

FAQs on the Agnipath scheme

1. How many soldiers will be recruited under Agnipath?
Ans. 46,000 soldiers will be recruited under the Agnipath scheme this year. The youth of India will get a huge opportunity to serve in Indian Armed Forces with a high pay scale.

2. When will the Agnipath recruitment scheme for defence forces start?
Ans. The Government is going to announce the Agnipath recruitment scheme for defence forces on 14th June 2022.