DOPBNK Full Form Know DOPBNK Messages Fraudulent or Legit

Hello friends, do you know VD DOP BNK message or dopbnk? Do you know why these DOP BNK SMS will come to my mobile? What is the full form of DOPBNK? Are ID DOPBNK, VD DOPBNK, VM DOPBNK, VK DOPBNK, AD DOPBNK, BZ DOPBNK, IM DOPBNK, and TD DOPBNK messages fraudulent or legit? Today we are going to tell you what is DOPBNK message is. What is the full form of dopbnk? So just read this post till the end to know everything about these types of messages. It is the short form of the Post Bank Department. Many people are receiving messages from ID-DOPBNK, TD-DOPBNK, VD-DOPBNK on their phones but they still don’t know what DOPBNK means. All the above senders are the same but they are classified on the basis of transactions done by the users.

DOPBNK Full Form

First of all talk about its full form, so let me tell you that the full form of DOPBNK is “Department of Post Bank”. Dopbank is also called Post Bank Department in Hindi. Friends, if a message has come in your mobile which is exactly like a bank transaction, you must have noticed that the message must have come in the name of DOPBNK, in such a situation it becomes very important for you to know what is DOPBNK SMS and why we got it. ? Whenever a person receives such a message, he gets confused that why we got this message and what this message is about. And different types of questions start coming into the mind, as if this message is not fraudulent, because, in today’s time, we hear about fraud, cybercrime every day.DOPBNK Full Form

If you have also received a message in the name of DOPBNK and want to know what is DOPBNK message is, then there is nothing to panic about, I will give you detailed information about DOPBNK in this article. In this article, what is DOPBNK SMS?, what is the full form of DOPBNK, why do we get DOPBNK SMS, and by whom it is sent, is this message fraudulent? Will know about all one by one. If you have a post office account or IPPB account in any post office, then you will definitely get messages like this. Simply because your mobile number is already registered in your post office account and IPPB account. If you are transacting in these accounts, you will receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile number.

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What is DOPBNK?

DOPBNK is also known as the Indian Postal Department. This Dopabank comes under the “Ministry of Communication” of the Government of India, which that means, whatever message you receive in the name of Dopabank, is sent by the Ministry of Communications, Government of India. From which we clearly know that this is not a fraudulent message because the Ministry of Communications is a legal and certified organization of the Government of India. Friends DOPBNK is a presser through which you receive this message.

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The messages that come in your mobile will often be seen in the form of ID-DOPBNK, VD-DOPBNK, VK-DOPBNK, IM-DOPBNK, TD-DOPBNK, etc. If you receive this kind of message, then let me tell you for information, the first letter of this message is of your mobile network and the second letter is of your city and after that, it is written by dash (-) DOPBNK. For example, if you use Airtel SIM in your mobile, then the first letter of the message will be “A” and you live in Mumbai (Maharashtra) then the second letter will be “M” and after that, by dashing (-) DOPBNK Will be written In this way this message will look like AM-DOPBNK.

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Know DOPBNK Messages are Fraudulent or Legit

Similarly, if we do any transaction in our Post Office Savings Bank Account and India Post Payment Bank Account, we receive a confirmation message from the DOPBNK team on our registered mobile number. Yes, it is a legal SMS system of the Department of Posts. When you do any transaction with the bank, like deposit, withdraw, transfer money, pay bills, etc., a confirmation message is sent to our registered mobile number. Yes, it is a legal SMS system of the Department of Posts.

When you do any transaction with the bank, like deposit, withdraw, transfer money, pay bills, etc., a confirmation message is sent to our registered mobile number. This means that the messages received from DOPBNK are completely legal. They give you a confirmation for every transaction done in your Post Office Account (POSB) and India Post Payment Bank Account.

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  • ID-DOPBNK Full-Form – Idea Delhi Department of Post Bank
  • AD-DOPBNK Full-Form – Airtel Delhi Department of Post Bank
  • VK-DOPBNK Full-Form – Vodafone Karnataka Department of Post Bank
  • IM-DOPBNK Full-Form – Idea Maharashtra Department of Post Bank
  • JD-DOPBNK Full-Form – Jio Delhi Department of Post Bank

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DOPBNK Message Sample


Account No. XXXXXX0506 CREDIT
with amount Rs. 10000.00 on
11-4-2021. Balance: Rs 49569.00

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Account No. XXXXXX0364 CREDIT
with amount Rs. 549.00 on
11-4-2021. Balance: Rs 6490.00