Kospet Tank M1 Pro Smartwatch Price In India 2023, Features, Specifications, Reviews How to Buy Online?

Kospet Tank M1 Pro Smartwatch – The Tank M1 Pro, Kospet’s latest smartwatch, has been released. The firm launched the wearable in the market at a very modest price. It is claimed to have a battery life of up to 50 days. In addition, it features health monitoring and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as other functionality. This rugged smartwatch was developed especially for harsh outdoor situations.

The body is comfortable on the wrist because it is slender and light, measuring 44.6mm in diameter and 14.4mm in thickness. It is made of high-quality Plastic and Metal Alloy. It also comes in the same two colors as the strap I’ll talk about later. You’ll notice that despite its low price, the build quality is excellent and the rugged design is fantastic, much like with the Kospet Rock.

Kospet Tank M1 Pro Smartwatch Price in India 2023

For connection, the Tank M1 Pro Smartwatch employs Bluetooth 5.0. It has a 280 × 320-pixel resolution on a 1.72-inch IPS display. The manufacturer claims that the watch can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to 70 degrees since it is a rugged smartwatch. It also features dust and impact protection, as well as other tough characteristics. Its standby time is up to 50 days, despite the fact that it has an IP69K rating and a 5ATM water resistance rating. The anticipated Kospet Tank M1 Pro Smartwatch will be presented in India on 2023. The Tank M1 Pro Smartwatch costs around ₹3,999 in India.

Hi, everyone! The Kospet Tank M1 Pro Smartwatch will be discussed in this blog post. Both online and off, this watch has gotten a lot of praise. And for good reason. It is an excellent option for consumers seeking a top-of-the-line smartwatch due to its numerous impressive characteristics. In order for you to make an educated choice about whether or not this watch is appropriate for you, we’ll go over the price, features, and other important facts. It was a pleasure for me to read your comments.

Kospet Tank M1 Pro Smartwatch Price In India

Kospet Tank M1 Pro Smartwatch 2023 Details

Brand Kospet
Model Tank M1 Pro Smartwatch
Operating System Android , iOS
Category Tech
Official Site Kospet.com

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About Kospet Tank M1 Pro Smartwatch

On the smartwatch, there are ten watchfaces to choose from. You may get more watchfaces from DaFit Dial Store if you want them. Its battery life is estimated to be 10 days when used normally, but up to 50 days in standby mode. The smartwatch will charge from 0% to 100% in two hours. The smartwatch features a soft silicone strap and is compatible with iOS 9.0 and Android 6.0 and later. Because it lacks a GNSS module, the distance measured might be inaccurate.

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Kospet Tank M1 Pro Smartwatch Specifications

There are various workout modes, including 24. Because there is no GNSS module, the smartwatch’s distance accuracy may be reduced. The heart rate, SpO2, and sleep monitoring technologies are all of high quality. The Tank M1 Pro’s wrist strap is made of soft, breathable silicone.


Brand Kospet
Model M1 Pro
Model Name Tank


Shape Rectangle


Type Color IPS
Touch Yes
Size 1.72 in
Resolution 320 x 280 pixels
PPI 247 ppi


Sales Package 1 Main Unit, Manual, Warranty Card, Charging Cable
Extra Features Multiple Sports Modes


Compatible OS Android, iOS


Battery Capacity 220 mAh
Battery Backup 10 days
StandBy Time 1.64 months


Water Resistant Yes
Water Resistant Depth 50 m
Water Resistant Certificate IP69
Dust Proof Yes
Scratch Resistant Yes
Meters and sensors Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor, SpO2 (Blood Oxygen) Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Calorie Count, Step Count, Sleep Monitor
Extra Features Alarm Clock, Stopwatch, Timer, Reminder


Warranty 1 year

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Kospet Tank M1 Pro Smartwatch Features

The Kospet Tank M1 pro Smartwatch was inspired by old Casio watches and has a sleek and robust appearance. As can be seen from its side edges, it features a square screen with a rough appearance relative to other popular models. There are two physical buttons on the device: power and back. The microphone and built-in speaker are located just below the call button on the gadget’s left side. This is one of the most popular smartwatches in this price range.

The Kospet Tank M1 Pro Smartwatch offers a wealth of features and is at the top of the market. It has an integrated accelerometer, barometer, and compass, which may be utilized for navigation as a Wear OS watch. It may also monitor your steps, heart rate, and other activities. Even though you’re swimming, the watch is water resistant up to 50 meters. It is also resistant to scratches and other damage because of its sturdy casing.

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 1.72 in Touch Display
  • Water Resistant, 50 m, IP69
  • Scratch Resistant, Dust Proof
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • SpO2 (Blood Oxygen) Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Calorie Count, Step Count
  • 10 days Battery

Design and Display

A superb resolution of 320 x 280 pixels and 247 ppi is provided by this model.


It has Touch, Dust Proof, Alarm Clock, Number of Buttons, Step Count, Touchscreen, and Water Resistant connection features.


Kospet Tank M1 Pro Smartwatch has great features such as Multiple Sports Modes, Alarm Clock, Stopwatch, Timer, Reminder etc. Kospet Tank M1 Pro Smartwatch is compatible with Android & iOS.

Meters and sensors

A pedometer, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, SpO2 (blood oxygen) monitor, calorie counter, step counter, and sleep monitor are all features of this Kospet smartwatch. To learn more, look out the Kospet Tank M1 Pro Smartwatch’s complete features and specifications.

How To Buy Kospet Tank M1 Pro Smartwatch Online?

If you’re shopping for a smartwatch, the Kospet Tank M1 Pro Smartwatch should be at the top of your list. It has everything you would want in a watch, and it is priced at an excellent value. So, how do you get your hands on it? Finally, there are a variety of alternative methods to try. Before buying anything, make sure to compare prices and read reviews. The Tank M1 Pro Smartwatch is a high-end timepiece with outstanding features and qualities, so please make sure to have a valid ID on hand while completing your transaction.

  • Search on the official website www.kospet.com
  • And go to the find section
  • Select ‘Kospet Tank M1 Pro Smartwatch’
  • Fill the section of Address
  • Option in ‘pay mode’
  • In Last Order This Product

Kospet Tank M1 Pro Smartwatch Reviews

As a result, Kospet, one of the most well-known and best producers of original smartwatches, has released a new upgrade to the Tank M series for Rugged Smartwatches under the name Kosppet Tank M1 Pro, which includes some improvements over the previous version. This watch has all of the following capabilities in addition to having a 1.72-inch Full Touch Screen, built-in watch faces, Health & Fitness Modes, Multi-Sport Modes, and the ability to make calls. The only thing that worries me about this $75 price tag is whether or not it will be worth my money. This review will help me decide.

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The Kospet Tank M1 Pro is a smartwatch that was designed and built with the modern user in mind. It has a number of features that make it stand out from the competition, including a rugged construction, full Android Wear compatibility, and a battery that is capable of lasting for up to two weeks. In addition, the watch has been designed to be easy to use and navigate, making it perfect for those who are new to smartwatches. Overall, the Kospet Tank M1 Pro is an excellent option for those who are looking for a smartwatch that can handle heavy wear and tear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes KOSPET watches?

In the year 2018, KOSPET was established. The operations team and manufacturing plant are in China, but the parent company is based in Washington, USA. KOSPET has a worldwide network of over 10 million customers and has established a B2B network in more than 70 countries and regions.

What is the price of KOSPET watch?

The expected price in India for the Kospet Prime 2 Smartwatch is ₹12,990.

How do I connect my KOSPET smart watch to my phone?

Please download the Wii Wear APP on your mobile phone, open APPP, scan the connection QR code P of the watch, and choose to confirm pairing between the watch and your mobile phone. Are you sure that succeeded?

Is Kospet a Chinese company?

The operations team and manufacturing plant are both situated in China, however the parent firm is situated in Washington, D.C. With a global reach of more than 10 million consumers, KOSPET has built a B2B network in over 70 countries and territories.

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