Free Fire Max introduces New Character Based On Popular Singer Anitta

Free Fire Max introduces New Character – A new character based on a real-life pop musician and artist has been added to Free Fire Max. Reports of the partnership existed before the reveal in public. Both the studio and the musician Anitta have now revealed the new look. A-Patroa, the new character named by the Brazilian pop diva, is featured in a brand-new song video that was also released. On the Brazilian servers of the video game Free Fire Max, a brand-new character by the name of A-Patroa has been unveiled. For the launch of the new character, the game’s creators have teamed up with the singer Anitta. She added that she made all the decisions regarding the new character’s appearance, including the tattoos as well as the hairstyle and outfit.

In the special video released by Free Fire Max Brasil, Anitta portrays her character A-Patroa in a setting akin to a battle royal. She forms a group with three other people to play the game as a team. Once the players have landed on the battle royal island, we witness them engage in combat after the customary jump from the plane.

Free Fire Max introduces New Character

On the Brazilian gaming server, Free Fire Max was giving out the brand-new A-Patroa character to users. Free Fire MAX has also started a new top-up event to earn the exclusive A-Patroa costume in order to emphasize the new character. Players will receive the A-Patroa Sound Crafter Bundle for free as part of the new promotion if they recharge only 1 diamond by July 5. The new bundle comes with 900x universal fragments as well as matching skins, shoes, and masks. Players can also earn a free Twerk emote under the game’s events. Regarding the character’s debut on Indian servers, there has been no notification as of yet. On Brazilian servers, players can, however, control the character.

Anitta is currently restricted to the Free Fire Brazil server. But in the game, her character won’t go by the name Anitta. In the game, her persona is actually called A-Patroa. However, there’s a significant probability that the name will be altered to work with the international English server. Unexpectedly, Brazilian players obtained the character for nothing. All players had to do to receive the character as a free login reward was to enter into the game between July 2 and July 3. There’s a significant probability that Anitta will be made available to gamers everywhere for free with the global release of the OB35 update. The good news is that all you have to do to get her for free is this is wait for the character’s global release.

Free Fire Max introduces New Character Details

Free Fire Max introduces New Character Details

Brand Free Fire Max introduces
Model New Free Fire Max introduces New Character
Category Tech
Official Site Free Fire Max 

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Anitta’s Character is now available on the Free Fire MAX Brazil Server

In order to commemorate the partnership between Free Fire and the Brazilian star, Garena has included a number of fresh events and activities for players. These have been accessible for a few days and have succeeded in retaining players’ interest in the battle royal game. A-Patroa is Anitta’s in-game alias, and the creators gave out the brand-new character as a login prize. For the character to be given away, players on the Brazil server had to log in between July 2 and July 3. Garena A soon-to-be-released global collaboration between Free Fire and Brazilian pop icon Anitta has been announced. An in-game persona based on Anitta will be created as part of this collaboration, which is anticipated to be quite similar to partnerships with other artists be launched on 2nd July.

A-Patroa Special bundle

Every new celebrity figure in the game typically includes a unique package. In the game, A-Patroa also has a unique bundle of her own. You can purchase the Sound Crafter bundle for her. The Sound Crafter bundle is available during the top-up event for free if you buy diamonds from the in-game shop. You don’t have to buy a specific number of diamonds to acquire this bundle. All you have to do is purchase the fewest number of diamonds you can.

  • Sound Crafter (Bottom)
  • Sound Crafter (Mask)
  • Sound Crafter (Top)
  • Sound Crafter (Shoes)
  • 900x Universal Fragments

You can also get quite a few new gun skins with the Sound Crafter Bundle. A new emote, Twerk, is provided for free as well. However, this might change slightly in the case of the global release.

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A little about Anitta

It would be fantastic to learn more about the new celebrity character that is being added to Garena Free Fire MAX. Larissa de Macedon Machado is Anitta’s real name, as was previously mentioned. It is a Brazilian entrepreneur, TV host, songwriter, dancer, and actor who was born on March 30, 1993. She became well-known all throughout Brazil because to her 2013 single, “Show das Ponderosas.”

She is a household figure in Latin music and has received accolades and nominations on the prestigious Latin Grammy Awards stages. One of the first Brazilians to win the Best Latin American Act award was also her. She was ranked among the top social media influencers in 2017 by Billboard as well. She is a well-known figure in Brazilian music, as you can see. It makes perfect sense for Garena to add her as a playable character in the upcoming update and broaden their presence in the Brazilian gaming market given how well-liked she is.

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Summing up

This concludes our discussion of the new Anitta character from Free Fire MAX. Even though the OB34 server hasn’t shut down yet, we’re confident that more information regarding Anitta will come to light once the OB35 global server is made available. There is a significant likelihood that this will also be the case for players globally given that the Brazilian server players received the character for free. We’ll have to wait till the OB35 is released to learn more information.

Anitta’s Skills

Free Fire Max is introducing a new character that represents Brazilian singer Anitta, based on her skills and interests. The character, Anitta, has unique abilities that will help players during their battles against other enemies. There are also various quests available to help players level up the character quickly. The free-to-play app also offers an in-game shop where players can buy new weapons, items and costumes for the character.

Anitta is a talented character, but she lacks any one-of-a-kind special abilities. The players, however, have the freedom to entirely modify their skills based on their playing styles by inserting any skill they like into one of their four skill slots. Similar to a “basic character.


Free Fire Max, a new character-based game for iOS and Android, has just released an all-new character based on popular singer Anitta. Anitta’s character in the game is armed with special moves and abilities that give her an edge in battle. In addition to her skills, Anitta’s character is also fashionable and stylish, with an elaborate costume and hairstyle. With new character additions like this, Free Fire Max is sure to keep players entertained for hours on end. So what are you waiting for? Download the game today and get ready to battle it out with Anitta.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Anitta famous?

Anitta is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer who was born Larissa de Macedo Machado on March 30, 1993. With the release of her track Show das Poderosas in 2013, she became well-known throughout the country.

What is Anita’s net worth?

She is one of the most followed musicians on Instagram with 50 million followers and 15 million followers on Twitter. Anitta’s net worth is believed to be $50 million.

What Is Anitta vegan?

Anitta, a Brazilian supermodel who was inspire to go vegan by the documentary Cowspiracy, is now the face of an international vegan meat company based in her native country.

How much money is Cardi worth?

Cardi B’s net worth is estimate to be $40 million in October 2022. She was born in the Bronx of New York City and is an American hip hop singer, rapper, TV star, and social media celebrity. She first rose to prominence on the internet after describing her former profession as a stripper.

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